Events of the project

Transnational Project Meeting 1


All day


Kick off meeting

By CREFOP, lead partner 

Discussion on the main steps and tasks, project management, reporting and final budget distribution, design and structure of the project’s website and other tools of dissemination.

Transnational Project Meeting 2


10th June 2022

Sofia, Bulgaria

Second meeting in Sofia


Partners discussion on current progress of output development, ongoing reporting and emergent issues, ongoing dissemination and communication.

Transnational Project Meeting 3


2nd December 2022

Vienna, Austria

Third meeting in Vienna


Partners discussion and planning of training of CVET trainers and following piloting activities, ongoing reporting and emergent issues, if any; evaluation, ongoing dissemination – focus on forthcoming multiplier event.

Transnational Project Meeting 4


26th June 2023

Bucharest, Romania

Fourth meeting in Bucharest


Partners review of the overall project implementation, finalisation of the training piloting activities, discussion on sustainability and exploitation measures beyond project lifetime and further exploitation of results, agreement on last aspects for the organisation of the final multiplier event. 

Multiplier Event


27th June 2023

Bucharest, Romania

Final blended conference in Bucharest


The key topic of the conference will be “Prosilient Trainers for Quality CVET”. The main emphasis will be on presenting the first outcomes and impacts reached from the piloting. The focus will be placed on CVET trainers sharing their experiences. Another emphasis will be on extending partnerships on national and international level between CVET providers, national services and employers’ organisations to further multiply and mainstream the effects from the project.

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