The second Transnational Partners Meeting was held in Sofia (Bulgaria) on June, 10th.

Your Ideas Matter, the Bulgarian project partner, hosted the partners’ representatives in a very nice space in the Sofia city centre in order to discuss about the PROSILIENT VET activities.

During the morning, the first session was dedicated to the presentation of CREFOP (the lead partner) about the Project Management and Financial planning and reporting procedures.

Within this session, YIM described the process that partners will follow to successfully develop the IO1 Toolbox and its thematic areas.

After a traditional lunch, the meeting was focused on the dissemination activities. The project’s website was presented by Consorzio Itaca and each partner accepted the partition of the Facebook page management.

Moreover, CREFOP described the QA and Evaluation mechanisms that will be used to verify the usefulness and feasibility of the core results.

The meeting has been a success, the participants have really appreciated the precise presentations and the opportunity of working together in the same room!

-> Look at the agenda of the meeting / 10th June 2022.