The Toolbox

The Prosilient VET toolbox is a new accessible way of self-paced, self-learning repository of tools and resources for CVET trainers, which will support them in building their prosilience.

Objective of the Toolbox

Trainers will develop the competences to handle effectively all range of training situations they experience on a daily basis in their work. It’s an opportunity for building prosilience, which will enable CVET trainers to be effective in daily critical training situations. The toolbox will:

  • encourage CVET trainers in developing a proactive mindset of self-care, which ensure sustainable high performance;
  • contribute to effective performance of CVET trainers in daily training situations with diverse learners (including learners in risk);
  • create a more positive learning environment, which will increase motivation for learning and development of learners and their learning achievements.


What is a Toolbox?

An online accessible repository of tools and resources that CVET trainers can use on their own pace and at a preferred moment of time, emphasising on wellbeing and wellness aspects of their professional development. 

How to use the Toolbox?

The Toolbox is structured in 4 thematic fields (Self-evaluation and Self-Reflection, Self-Care, Handling digitalisation in VET and Addressing specific challenges).

Along with short theoretical explanation, why each factor matters in the process, trainers will be provided with concrete practical activities they do themselves in order to develop certain characteristic.

In terms of accessibility, a pdf version and an online digital document (Flipbook) are available. The pdf version is for those trainers who prefer the traditional “reading the book” approach of self-learning. The other format of delivery target those trainers, who have already developed some of the aspects of their prosilience and would like to focus on a concrete sphere (e.g., self-care). The online VET prosilience toolbox is now available in English and soon in all partner languages.

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