The lead partner CREFOP and the other project partners have presented the Prosilient VET Toolbox during the Final blended conference in Bucharest.

More than 50 participants, mainly local CVET trainers and teachers, had the opportunity to concretely discover why and how to train themselves by using the Toolbox.

The Prosilient VET Toolbox is aiming to encourage CVET trainers in developing a proactive mindset of self-care, ensuring a sustainable high performance, to create a more positive learning environment, and to increase motivation for learning. This dynamic and user-friendly platform provides access to more than 40 innovative tools a wealth of pedagogical tools, assessment frameworks, and best practices, tailored to the specific needs of VET environment.

After a first introduction of the project and its objectives, the partners have explained to the audience the reasons why project’s targets need to train their prosilience and how much this topic is becoming very important. Later, an external guest and expert in the field presented a short session about “Burnout and Mindfulness” and the conference ended with a simple engaging exercise between partners and the attendees.