As a CVET trainer, you will develop the competences to handle effectively all range of training situations you experience on a daily basis in their work.

This Toolbox is an opportunity for building prosilience, which will enable CVET trainers to be effective in daily critical training situations.

The Toolbox is structured in 4 thematic fields:

#1 Self-Evaluation and Self-Reflection

#2 Self-Care

#3 Handling digitalisation in VET

#4 Addressing specific challenges

Along with a short theoretical explanation, why each factor matters in the process, trainers are provided with concrete practical activities they do themselves in order to develop certain characteristics.

This Toolbox is an online document, but for those trainers who prefer the traditional “reading the book” approach of self-learning a downloadable PDF version is also available.

How to use the Toolbox?

  • First, go to this page where you can choose one of the prosilient topics to examine.
  • Then click on one of the ” Start the test #” buttons in order to complete a quick test and evaluate your level!
  • Follow the instructions and start your training buy using some of the chapters or the entire Toolbox in a Flipbook version
  • If you prefer, you can download the entire Toolbox in PDF at the end of the page.

Enjoy your training!